Cheeky Little Nipple 


Liam ‘LiamoLuo‘ Parkinson

Liam is the ultimate all rounder, having started his Counter Strike career at the very start, he ultimately peaked in 1.6 playing at the highest level before taking a step back to pursue his education. Upon Global Operations announcement Liam knew it was going to be his step back in to the Counter Strike Scene, feeling cLn. was where he wanted to call home for the foreseeable future.


Daniel ‘ReTrY‘ Fern

ReTrY is a founding member of Cheeky Little Nipple Gaming. Coming from a Source background, ReTrY was a valuable team member of a very reputable mid+ skilled clan, before finally bowing out to competitive gaming whilst he underwent University. After his graduation he has succeeded in getting an excellent full time job which again has hindered his activeness on the servers. He has the potential to be the teams greatest player, however his self destructive personality tends to get in the way when the odds are stacked up against him and the team often leads to meltdown. Can he instead rally the team in times of need at i51?


Charles ‘Iceamo‘ Sadler

Iceamo. What can be said about this young man. A lot. Heart, desire, passion, just a few words used to describe Iceamo’s view on gaming. From his thousands upon thousands of hours logged on World of Warcraft to his thousands of hours logged on Starcraft 2 (peaking at Masters) he now fills in for cLn when asked. CS:GO has been Iceamo’s favourite Counter Strike for sure, and his enjoyment for the game has peaked in recent weeks, but lack of map knowledge and general tactics/strategies means he goes in to the tournament less prepared than the other players. Can he help the GO line up or will he hinder them?


Joshua ‘Raiden^‘ Wragg – Team Leader

Raiden first got Source in November 2005 after buying it using money to buy his Dad a birthday present. What an excellent decision made that day, Raiden has an extensive Source history, with the clan Fox-Hound which he ran for upwards of a year, taking it in to a 3 team gaming roster. Raiden was a constant figurehead of Team1, which was eventually top 25 in EnemyDown. He has taken GO by storm already, with some even believing his skills are far greater on the new game, and whilst it is still early days Raiden has the time and ability to go from strength to strength, but the main aim of his is to turn Cheeky Little Nipple Gaming in to a big name in the e-sports community. Raiden is a 2 time national 2v2 semi finalist at FIFA 13, one time with Jacksmojo and the other time with ReTrY, and is always looking to improve his FIFA play when he isn’t playing Counter Strike. Deadly with the expensive awp, but distinctly average with a rifle, will Raiden^ go with the form books and come top for the team? Or will the pressure of the big stage get the better of him?


Alex ‘ScoutMaster‘ Wood

Alex (i’m going to say Alex instead of his gaming handle because he changes it so regularly) was formally a member of Fox-Hound with Raiden in the CS:S days and enjoyed a large spell of success before retiring to pursue other gaming ventures, most recently enjoying success on League Of Legends. However with the release of GO, like so many others felt it was a necessity to re-live times past and give the new game a go, although there is no mp5 navy to rush B with on de_dust2, Alex is doing everything possible to make sure his skills are back to where they used to be in his prime. Something he struggles with is RSI, but has assured the team that no matter how great the pain is, he will carry on to the end; win or lose – live or die, for cLn.


Christopher ‘Squejay‘ Johnson

Squejay has always had strong connections with many of the Cheeky Little Nipple gaming team(cousins with Raiden^, best friends with ReTrY), has only recently been influenced by the lure of competitive gaming. A long time ‘pub hero’ towards the end of Source, and the beginning of Global Offensive, Squejay was a lone wolf on the servers as he looked to fine tune his skill levels. He has come a long way since his introduction to the team, and with his commitment and dedication to CS:GO, it looks as though good things will happen sooner rather than later.




Jack ‘Jacksmojo‘ Cummins

Jack comes from a console based background, playing COD, Halo and FIFA to a high standard. He comes in to the PC gaming world fresh and with the launch of GO decided to give his hand at the game. With each round that passes considerable skill jumps are made, and in time has the potential to be a top player, but as it stands he is just back-up to the first team. His hobbies include wrestling and drinking.


Rob ‘MrPopple‘ Popple

Rob was picked up at the same time as Liam shortly after Insomnia 43, and has been an invaluable member of the team since then. He has played Starcraft 2, but more recently LoL where he quickly joined a mix team and placed in the top 8 of the tournament. Although his FPS history is shallow, and his Counter Strike history is even more sketchy, Rob has managed to pick up GO with ease and with the guidance from his team mates continues to post increasingly impressive results.


Marie ‘mazMetron‘ Reynolds

Marie is an integral part of the team, not only did she create the wonderful cLn Gaming t-shirts for Insomnia 46, she sorts the organisational side of all of the clans matches, as well as it’s sponsors and live appearance. Marie also plays Diablo3 and Guild Wars2, but does have Counter Strike GO installed just in case, and although she will tell you of her inability to frag online, she is as good as some of the lads!


Jake ‘JakeyG‘ Greenfield

The newest addition to cLn, Jake was picked up at Insomnia46 following PCW’s with the rest of the clan, impressing everybody with his attitude towards the game as well as his manner outside of it, slotting in to the Cheeky family instantly. What is more impressive however is his in game ability, coming off the back of a long CS:S career, he has carried over all of his ability and is one of the strongest members on the roster.


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