We have moved!

What a cute little website this is! (and visited by millions weekly ..)

We are however moving to www.clngaming.com !

We already have a couple of articles up, one about Hearthstone, another about CS:GO and  a cute beginners guide to Stardew Valley !

Go and check us cLn Gaming out at our new home now.

See you all there!




cLn T-shirts

Over the years cLn has designed t-shirts which we could possibly wear at Insomnia gaming tournaments.

Here are a few of the designs I have recently found. I hope everyone enjoys them.

Josh #1


Maz #2


Vernon #3


Dan #4

dans t-shirt (my personal favourite).

Josh #5


Josh #6


Rosie #7 (old friend who I have 0 contact with anymore – not fit dw)


Josh #8


Maz #9


Josh #10&11



Dan #12



– Vote for your favourite shirt and you will almost 100% never see it ever get printed.


Thanks for looking. #cln4life.

Insomnia 51

Insomnia 51 is just around the corner. 3 weeks to be precise. Cheeky Little Nipple gaming WILL be there, competing in the Counter Strike Global Offensive tournament, FIFA and League of Legends.

This will be everybody’s first visit to the Ricoh Arena, but the first time new addition Squejay will be travelling to LAN with the rest of the team. Everyone is looking forward to the event which will consist of a lot of gaming, drinking and gambling.

Exciting times indeed! i51 here we come!


#cln #cheekylittlenipple #clngaming

cLn v vG

cLn found themselves with a very difficult opening cup tie in Enemydown against Vindictive Gamers. The map was de_nuke_ve which was new to the team, nuke being a weak match up, that and being Terrorists first made the task difficult from the outset. Eventually falling early to a 16-2 defeat, it’s something which the boys feel very dissapointed with themselves in, but looking to redeem themselves on Wednesday night at 7 against Zodiac, which is on the standard dust2, with the team looking to improve with in this match and get their league pursuit off to a winning start.

cLn Documentary

The cLn Insomnia 46 documentary is currently in production with Jack ‘jacksmojo‘ Cummins looking over the footage shot by Joshua ‘Raiden^‘ Wragg over the weekend, although there is a lot of missing footage, we hope there is enough there to entertain fans of cLn as well as bring in more, as we get behind the scenes with some of the core members of the team.

Cheeky Little Nipple Gaming

Cheeky Little Nipple Gaming is a gaming fraternity who frequently attend the Insomnia gaming tournaments in an attempt to increase it’s numbers and compete in a number of games.
Currently active in: Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Starcraft2


Joshua ‘Raiden^‘ Wragg

Daniel ‘ReTrY‘ Fern

Jake ‘JakeyG‘ Greenfield

Liam ‘LiamoLuo‘ Parkinson

Rob ‘MrPopple‘ Popple

Marie ‘mazMetron‘ Reynolds

Charles ‘Iceamo‘ Sadler Charles Dancing

Jack ‘Jacksmojo‘ Cummins

Alex ‘ThePostMan‘ Wood




New player bio’s coming soon!